Indicators of organizational safety performance (2003 - 2006)

Project Leader:

Teresa d´Oliveira


Project's Summary:

Most recent analyses of workplace safety have emphasized the necessity of attitudinal and behavioural interventions (Sarkus, 2001). Organizational factors and working conditions are mentioned in the literature (Reason, 1990, 1997) as the most important causes of workplace safety. Interventions proposed in the literature have considered management intervention, organizational objectives, and organizational practices. Two specific approaches are considered in the tasks proposed. In a first approach, validation studies of specific organizational practices are considered. Such validation studies are an important way of contributing to organizational performance. In a different approach a survey of safety attitudes is developed for a rapid diagnosis of safety performance. The use of both approaches is intended to obtain a more integrative approach to safety issues in applied contexts and to a better formulation of potential interventions.


Project’s aims:

Contributions of this project to the literature are intended in several areas: a) validation of organizational practices is considered relevant for organizational effectiveness and safety but rarely conducted; b) although the literature points to the importance of evaluating attitudes towards safety, a variety of dimensions have been considered. It is not known if it is possible to speak of core dimensions of safety attitudes. The material available in the literature will be used as a starting reference to the development and analysis of these issues. c) Statistical indicators have traditionally been used as a way of reporting organizational safety performance. However, other indicators can be used and are suggested in the literature that may be useful in terms of prevention. By considering organizational objectives and strategic options along with specific organizational practices, a different and more integrative approach is developed.

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