Implications of school context to the development of self-concept among adolescent (2003 - 2006)

Project Leader:

Francisco Peixoto


Project's Summary:

School serves as a central socialization context for adolescents. School activities and extracurricular activities provide a variety of organized settings where adolescents learn to adjust to both institutional and interpersonal demands. During the past twenty years, considerable attention has been accorded to identifying general demand characteristics of school settings that influence adolescents self evaluation of personal competence (Harter, 1983). In that sense we are interested in the study of the relations between self-concept, self-esteem, school achievement, attitude toward school, extracurricular participation and relational dynamics (with peers and family) in students from 3rd Cycle of Compulsory School and Secondary School. The research concerned with the study of the construction of self-representations, within the school context, uses an approach based on great samples with undifferentiated data analysis. In this project we assume that different interpersonal contexts orient different pathways for adolescent development. In that sense, we will use a more qualitative approach, based on strategies of non-linear multivariate analysis. Thus, we pretend to identify natural clusters of individuals, based on the similarities in defined characteristics, in order to clarify the consequences of underachievement effects on self-representations reorganization and attitude toward school.


Project’s aims:

The main purpose of the present project is the study of self-representations in school context. We will analyse the relations between self-concept, self-esteem and school achievement. Particularly we are concerned with the effects of school achievement on self-esteem, self-concept organization and on motivational aspects like attitude toward school. Further than the relation between academic achievement and self-representations development we are interested in the study of the impact of extracurricular participation in school adjustment (self-concept, self-esteem, attitude toward school and school achievement).Moreover, we will study the contribution of relational dynamics with family and peers to the self-representations development. In what concerns relational dynamics within the family, we will focus, mainly, in the perception of relationship quality. In what concerns the relationships wit peers, our purpose is to analyse the processes related to social identity construction within peer group and the effects on self-representations.

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