Effective teaching for down syndrome children

Reaserch Team:

Júlia Serpa Pimentel (Project Leader)
Zilda Fidalgo


Project's Summary:

This Project will focus on Down syndrome children and their regular and special teachers in order to know how they interact in a problem solving situation. Following previous research, we will develop an intervention model that will be used with regular and special teachers and will afterwards evaluate its effectiveness. This study will involve a small number of participants and the data will be analysed mostly with qualitative methodology, giving us in-dept information about the most effective strategies to teach children with developmental disabilities.


Project’s aims:

1. To compare the interactive profiles and teaching strategies of child care and special education teachers;

2. To study the effectiveness of teaching strategies used with Down Syndrome children in a problem-solving situation;

3. To evaluate the effectiveness of a training program designed to improve the quality of teaching strategies and interactive styles.

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